the best texan bbq

from guldenberg



best products, a lot of experience and love


For the low-and-slow process to work, it needs the perfect meat with a large proportion of intramuscular fat.


The noble One:
Herbal Pig

Only selected farmers with animal-friendly practices are allowed to breed herbal pigs. Feeding with a mixture of herbs from the Alps. Amazing aroma!

The Best:
Swiss Black Angus

High quality beef raised in particularly animal-friendly free-range stalls with the ability to graze. Meets the biodiversity requirements of IP-SUISSE. Super tender!

" Our customers say that we produce the best Texas style BBQ in Switzerland. We like to do that the traditional way, without technical aids, using only the best ingredients available, as well as a lot of experience, and a lot more time and love. "

SABRINA & ALISSA – Managing Directors, Maximus BBQ

Finest products


Real Texas Style BBQ is an art.


Anyone who has ever experienced real Texas Style BBQ will never forget it: super taste, super tender, super juicy. A bite of luck!


Grilling has nothing to do with our Low and slow barbecue. It is the gentle and long-lasting smoking of premium, quality selected meat on indirect heat and at a consistent low temperature. As a source of smoke, we only use hardwood from the area and no other aids.


This requires a lot of experience, the finest ingredients and perfect materials. And above all a Pitmaster who works with feeling and passion. Our high-quality pieces of meat are smoked at a constant temperature all night, for between 14 and 16 hours, so that you can enjoy the finest BBQ during the day. Everything made entirely by hand without a computer or other aids.


Sustainability and products from Switzerland are very important to us - for the sake of our earth. We offer a tasty and wholesome alternative to classic "fast food".



fantastic crew

We are a young dynamic crew who work towards the common goal with a lot of professionalism and passion. Best Swiss BBQ Texas Style!



Pit master

BBQ blogger, tinkerer
and all around BBQ freak.



managing director

Operationally closes the shop and is also into yoga.



Pit master

As a trained chef, he prefers smoking to cooking.



Managing director

As an American, Alissa knows what is important in a real BBQ.



JUNIOR Pit Master

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Our Menu

These values are at the core of our corporate culture and determine how we conduct our business. Together with you, our suppliers, partners and customers.

We take responsibility and act accordingly. Sustainable action and thinking are values that are firmly anchored in our corporate values.


We produce our BBQ 100% authentically, just like in Texas. We all love the real Texan BBQ and do our job with heart and head. You can taste this passion with every bite.


Homemade quality! We prepare everything fresh with a lot of love and passion for good food. Quality and freshness, characterized by sustainability and naturalness, are the top priority. We only work with the highest quality food from the region. All ingredients are of the highest quality and are specially selected for our requirements. We source most of our ingredients directly from the farm, where we also produce. Alternatively also from local partners.


We are absolutely uncompromising when it comes to authenticity, quality, processes, sustainability and procedures. We are convinced that only this attitude leads to top quality

the best texan bbq

from guldenberg


Each piece is lovingly prepared before smoking. The meat is injected and rubbed in to make it even more tasty and juicy.


the sweet and sour:
Apple juice

We inject the meat with freshly squeezed apple juice from the Guldenberg, enriched with fine ingredients. Makes the meat more aromatic and tender, but above all: super juicy!


the secret:

We rub the meat with our homemade organic seasoning mixture. A harmony between sweet, salty and spicy and the main reason for: Supertasty!


the meat is cooked in the smoker for around 15 hours using the low and slow process. the temperature of our pit master is kept at a constant 110 degrees.


The smoky:

Of course, we only use hardwood from the forests around the Guldenberg and thus avoid long transport routes. Super glow!


The heart: Smoker "Beast"

Our smoker was specially made for us by a forge. «Beast» optimally draws the smoke through and ensures the desired temperature for hours. Superbeast!

Production in nature

In addition to the right and good ingredients, a lot of experience and a lot of time, we also need space. The magnificent farm on the Guldenberg high above Embrach offers us the perfect conditions to smoke our meat with a lot of love and passion. We obtain the good wood for our smoker and the apple juice that we inject into the meat before smoking directly from the Guldenberg.


If you are interested in Maximus BBQ production, we would be happy to invite you to the Guldenberg. There you can also buy our brisket and pulled pork as well as the special spice mixes (rubs) in the farm shop of the Lienhart family.




Farm shop Guldenberg
Lienhard family
Guldenberg 120
CH - 8424 Embrach




Smoker - The beast

Our smoker - called the Beast - was built in a forge according to our specifications. Handling the smoker has to be learned, because maintaining a constant temperature is not easy and has to be set manually with flaps. That requires a lot of practice and experience.

a couple of facts
  • Cooking space 84 cm - cooking space length 160 cm

  • 6mm wall thickness

  • 3 stainless steel grids

  • Incense tower with the dimensions 100 x 65 x 54

  • 3 thermometers and 3 closable openings

  • Black alloy wheels (255/70 / R16)

  • Painted in matt black